Zambia- Let the Heart of Africa Amaze You

The heart of Africa- inspired poets, beckoned explorers and continues to invite tourists. There is no better way to experience the real roots of Africa than to go to its heart. Located in Central Africa, Zambia is a country roughly the size of Texas but is packed with so much adventure; it takes a part of every tourist’s heart and keeps a record of all their promises to return. First things first, although Zambia is ideal for adventure seekers, there are a little bit of something for anyone who knocks at her doors.

Victoria Falls (creative commons)

Victoria Falls (creative commons)

Waterfalls of all Sizes

If you are a ‘waterfall’s addict’ like myself, Zambia has so many falls for you to admire from the mighty Victoria Falls to the simple beauty Ngonye Falls, your camera will love your shots. Here are just a few of your options:

Any holiday planner puts the Victoria Falls on top of the list and so should you. This majestic falls is locally called ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ or the “smoke that thunders”. This perfectly describes the deafening thunder-like noise that you hear as the Zambezi River drops 108meters with a width of 1688meters. Gaze at the columns of spray that can be seen from miles away and wait until the sunsets to be mesmerized by the view that your mind will have difficulty registering.

Other waterfalls you may want to explore include the Kalambo Falls located in the North. This falls drops 221meters down into a gorge and is considered the 2nd highest falls in Africa. The horseshoe shaped Ngonye Falls mark the transition point of the Zambezi River and interestingly the river flows underneath the rock on both sides of the falls- a sight indeed!

Kasanka National Park (Creative commons)

Kasanka National Park (Creative commons)

Wild life in the Wild

Zambia is also home to wide range of national parks that allow you to experience the wild in the wild- without those fences and barriers. Connect with your favourite wild animals up close and personal with the different safari tours available. If you plan to get holiday insurance on your trip, make sure it covers safaris ‘just in case’. Here are a few parks you can choose from:

park located in the centre of Western Zambia, it is the oldest, largest and most popular national part covering 22,400 square kilometres. To make sure you get to explore to your hearts delight, visit the park between June to October but if want a cheaper deal, choose the wetter months when the park often offers reduced rates. Antelopes, Cheetah’s, African Wild Dogs are additional treats aside from the big 5 (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and Rhino)

Kasanka National Park, in the South Western part of Lake Banguelo is the smallest covering 450 square kilometres but still has meadows, wetlands, lakes and rivers and off course a wide range of animals and birds.

It will take more than a single trip to satiate your appetite for Zambia so look out for a part 2 on the more relaxed, leisurely and even romantic adventures you can enjoy in the heart of Africa.



Cyprus – Wonder of all Wonders, Beauty of all Beauties

The air of the Mediterranean Sea has something almost magical about it. Some associate it with the carefree days spent under the sun, others associate it with the air that fuelled so many wise men of the Ancient world. For others though, this is a land of myth and beauty, a land of beautiful people where the Greek Gods feel almost present in every rock, in every ray of sun and in every tide of the sea.

Famagusta (creative commons)

Famagusta (creative commons)

If you are searching to go on holiday in the Mediterranean Sea, then you should try out one of the gorgeous relaxing villa holidays in Cyprus. There is an unforgettable fragrance of this place that will stick with you for many years to come and a special kind of allure that will definitely make you want to come back again on this land of myth and utter beauty.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is situated halfway between the cultures of the Southern Europe. In between the Greeks and the Turks, Cyprus has developed as an independent republic on its own. However, the influences of the nations that dominated in the area can still be felt in the way people here live their lives, in the architecture and in the general feel of the place. Even more, you can actually see how people in Cyprus speak two official languages (Turkish and Greek) and how you will also find minorities speaking the languages of the nations that used to live here as well (Cypriots speaking Arab and Armenians speaking their own language too, for example).

All in all, Cyprus is a mesmerizing place made out of stone, beauty and grace that will amaze you with its history, with its stunning climate and with its wonderfully friendly and warm people. For a relaxing vacation far from the buzz, this is an ideal place!

Moussaka (creative commons)

Moussaka (creative commons)

Why a Villa Holiday?

If you want to actually get away from all the stress of the city and of your job, if you want to spend time in intimacy with your loved one or with your family or if you just want intimacy on this holiday because this is how you feel better, then a villa holiday is precisely what you need.

Not only will you get the silence and intimacy you crave for, but you will also get all the comfort in the world, for such a villa will be built to meet every need you will have. In between the relaxing tides of the water and the beautiful sky, in between the gorgeous landscape and the amazing locals, you will definitely have the most relaxing time of your life in a Cyprus villa!

Why a River Cruise and Not Anything Else for this Holiday?

There’s something almost mystical about the power water has when it comes to soothing one’s soul. The flow, the sound, the beauty – they all, in one way or another remind people of life in general. Through storm and through ice, through dark times and through sunny days, the rivers continue flowing – just as life is in general.

A river cruise can be a wonderful holiday and if you are still not fully convinced of how many amazing unforgettable river cruising holidays are out there, then you should think again. “Unforgettable” is a word used in its fullest meaning here…

Prague City, Czech Republic (creative commons)

Prague City, Czech Republic (creative commons)

Take Your Time 

The truth is that we live agitated lives and that we all seem to be running from here to there and reach nowhere in the end. We all seem to be in a hurry and we all seem to want things to happen with the speed of broadband Internet. We all want our lives to be encapsulated in small apps that do everything for us and we forget that sometimes, our bodies and our minds simply need to take some time off – no pills, no medicine whatsoever. Just some time off.

If you want to enjoy a holiday in which nothing (and we mean it, absolutely nothing!) is about running or hurrying up, then a river cruise is what you have been searching for. On the mellow swing of the river, you will get the chance to truly seize the moment and to breathe in every single piece of scenery you see. There will be enough time for you to stop, meditate and take your mind off all those things that make life so unbearably stressful at times.

Visegrad (creative commons)

Visegrad (creative commons)

Europe at Its Own Pace

Europe is the Old Continent. It takes things slow because the wisdom of so many centuries has taught it that hurrying up leads to nowhere. Things move at the pace of the grand rivers here and although for some this would be too slow, Europe knows best: this is the true progress, that which is made one step at a time.

If you want to “taste” Europe in its own pace, then a river cruise holiday will be precisely what you have been searching for. With so many variants out there, the most difficult thing you will have to do will be to actually pick one. From North to South and from West to East, there will be a river to lead your well-thought steps in discovering (and rediscovering) Europe as it is: naked, gorgeous, old, fascinating, rich, diverse and absolutely stunningly embellished by architecture, art and music.

River cruising is THE way to see Europe!

River Cruises – Seeing Europe through Different Lens

Europe can be an amazing place to discover and re-discover all over again. You can never actually get tired of it and the absolute truth is that travelling on a river cruise holiday through Europe will offer you with something truly unique: the chance to see Europe as no car, train or plane will ever be able to show it to you. Easy paced, beautiful, relaxing and absolutely mesmerizing, a river cruise through the Old Continent can teach (and remind) you important lessons about beauty, culture, history, people, diversity and, ultimately, about life itself.

Amsterdam (creative commons)

Amsterdam (creative commons)

Why is Europe so Fascinating?

In the end, the core concept of Europe (and of the later created European Union) is what people out there call “unity in diversity”. The beauty of Europe is very strictly connected to its history and to the 3 pillars that have built Western Civilization: Judeo-Christian religion, Greek democracy and Roman law.

Of course, seeing Europe one city at a time, travelling by car or plane, visiting every single corner of the cities that have built modernity itself – all these things can be rewarding for your soul. But considering the fact that you will sometimes just want to take some time away from running and hurrying up, a river cruise would probably make for a much better option.

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary (Creative commons)

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary (Creative commons)

A Plethora of Choices

When it comes to river cruises in Europe, the only issue you will have will be settling for one of them only. Travel agencies out there have managed to create itineraries that will soothe your eyes and your soul and that will be fascinating regardless of how many times before you saw those places (individually or in other itineraries).

The main question to ask yourself is how far you want to go – because your cruise can take you from one “edge” of Europe and walk you through the entire continent until you reach the other “edge”. You can start in the West and stop in Budapest, or, if you want to discover a unique part of Europe and the gorgeousness of the Romanian part of Danube, you can go farther on, towards Bucharest.

If you want to discover (and/or rediscover) the beauty of a more Northern part of Europe, there will be options for you as well. For instance, you can embark on a journey through Belgium and Netherlands and “infuse” every inch of your body in the beauties there.

The possibilities are almost limitless, the same way as the gorgeousness of the Old World is. The charm of each of the countries you will pass through, its uniqueness and still, the things that make it be part of the same Old Continent history – these are things you can never actually get bored of.

4 Types of Break Where Travel is the Holiday


There is no greater fun than heading outdoors and enjoying the flexibility and freedom of exploration when you hire a campervan. With caravan parks littered all across the UK there is no limit to the places you could visit; from the excellent beaches of Cornwall to the glassy lakes of the Lake District and the towering heights of Scottish highlands and the charm of Cotswolds. The road network in the UK is well connected, and if you are armed with a good map, then prepare to be thrilled on your road trip, pulling over for short breaks and exploration before moving on. Most sites offering campervan services are well organized with up to date facilities and fixtures and fittings. They provide entertainment activities and fun clubs for kids.


Russia is a country full of intriguing wonders, magnificent imperial cities, opulent ancient palaces and awe inspiring cathedrals framed by charming towns and vast breathtaking landscapes. Exploring this mighty country via land only will only make you miss a major part of its character and history. Discover the heart and soul of Russia by cruising down the Volga River. Follow the path of Peter the great and sail from Moscow to St Petersburg, experience the enriching culture of these two grand cities, the royal histories and traditions. Also discover a different side of Russia along the shores of the river; its remote forested islands, massive lakes, vast pastoral landscapes, impressive summer houses and quaint lifestyles.


Australia is a vast country with a lot of spectacular attractions on its varied landscape, the best way to explore the land of the kangaroos is via train. There are places and experiences that are only possible in a train, the unwinding, marveling at panoramic views and travelling at your own pace. Discover the remote interior of Australia, the rich history, the indigenous culture and natural beauty of this expansive country.

Each new day you will awake to a different side of Australia, exploring sites and visiting national parks at your own pace. Enjoy some of the world’s greatest train journeys on the Ghan, Indian Pacific, The Overland and the Southern Spirit. Each of the trains takes you to a different yet interesting part of the land down under.


France is a country full of amazing contrasts, glamorous cities and serene countryside, towering mountains and fine beaches that deserve to be explored properly. A caravan holiday in France will lead you to great regions in France. Loire valley is also known as “The Garden of France” has a magical blend of rolling hills dotted with superb chateaux and vineyards. It is also home to many fine wines including Muscadet and Sancerre and is also said its magical beauty inspired the story of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Burgundy on the other hand is a place worth exploring especially to fill up after a long time on the road; it is famed for its fine food and splendid wine routes. Whether you rent or buy a caravan in France, this is one heck of an adventure.