Discovering the World When You Are Staying Home

There is nothing in the whole wide world that can be compared to travelling and to the wide variety of feelings you can experience from the minute you make your booking to the minute you pack your bags and from the minute you land on your holiday destination to the minute you unlock the door of your home after a great holiday, full of nostalgia and great memories.

Getting ready for a trip (creative commons)

Getting ready for a trip (creative commons)

And yet, sometimes it is not possible to travel whenever and wherever you want. A low budget, a job that just cannot allow you to go all the places you want to go, or at least not as a tourist, and many other factors can get in the way of you and your dreams of discovering the planet.

Does that mean you should simply give up on taking a break from your suburban streets, from your large city or from your small town? Aren’t there any other ways you can escape – even if just for a few hours and even if just virtually?

In fact, the Internet has made it easier than ever to experience places and attractions that are as close to the real ones as it can be. Here are some of the best ways in which you can “travel” the world without a huge budget and without having to quit your job:

Use Online Maps

Online maps nowadays are very, very good when it comes to discovering almost any place in the world you can imagine. And if you are thinking of a good old 2-D map, then think again because they have developed 3-D maps that will look and almost feel like you are actually there. So, take a break, have a cup of tea and get lost on the Streets of Paris, New Delhi or Saint Petersburg because it is completely free. Of course, going there and seeing all those places “live” are a thousand times better, but this is a very good alternative as well.

Experience Online Activities Specific to a Certain Place

One of the best things about the Internet is related to the fact that it actually offers many entertainment opportunities. Instead of bringing on your TV show – again – why wouldn’t you try to experience something that has become a trademark of a particular place?

Casino chips and cards (creative commons)

Casino chips and cards (creative commons)

For instance, if you always wanted to see Las Vegas, but you haven’t yet managed to do it, why not visit an online casino USA? The experience will be very much similar to that of a real casino: you will get the thrill, the interaction and the same game rules as in a “land” casino, but you won’t have to book a plane ticket to do it.

St. Lucia – The Unspoiled Piece of Heaven

This planet is a wonderful one indeed and it would be a pity not to allow yourself to discover at least some parts of it throughout your lifetime. There are places on Earth so beautiful, so overwhelming and so grand that you simply have to see them!

St. Lucia is one of them. Here, on the fine gold sands and beneath the protection of waves that are always of the bluest blue, you will find what Heaven must truly look and feel like. Le Sport Resort in St Lucia is one of the most beautiful, most relaxing and most overwhelmingly peaceful resorts you will encounter not only on this isle, but in the entire world.

Sandy Beach (creative commons)

Sandy Beach (creative commons)

St Lucia – A Promised Land

There is something about the Caribbean Sea isles that will always be fascinating for tourists. The peaceful environment, the serene waters, the perfect weather and the white tides smashing into the clean and smooth shores – everything about these isles is luxurious, breath-taking and out-of-a-picture.

St Lucia is one of Caribbean Sea’s most beloved isles – and not without any reason. The beauty of this particular isle has something very special to it – something that is somewhat more serene and more at peace with the pace of the world itself. Located South of Martinique and Northwest of Barbados, this place has been ruled by the British and by the French at the same time.

Nowadays, you will find many ethnic groups here: from Indo-Caribbeans to Dutch people and from European to Arabs and to Syrians. The entire mixture of cultures does make for a very special place, where everyone seems to get along. With a population little over 173,000 St Lucia is truly a piece of Heaven torn from its original place and brought here, on Earth, for mortals, so that we can learn that peace and harmony are actually possible.

Tropical Sunset (creative commons)

Tropical Sunset (creative commons)

Why Choose the Le Sport Resort

If you want to enjoy St Lucia at its finest, then you will need a resort to rise up to your expectations. Le Sport may just be what you are looking for. It blends harmoniously with the mesmerizing surroundings, it is extremely well organized and it offers top-class services to each and every visitor it gets.

Even more, the resort has a spa that would bring relaxation and happiness even for those who are more than just stressed out. All the programs in their wellbeing centre have been carefully chosen so that everyone can reap their benefits: from the busy businessman to the college student and from men to women.

All in all, St Lucia and this resort can make for one of those holidays torn out of picture books – holidays that feel more like a dream than like reality.

Holidaying in the Indian Ocean: The Luxury of Simply Relaxing

When it comes to holidaying in the Indian Ocean, the very first word coming to people’s minds is definitely “luxury” and most of them would be right. Of course, there may be a lot of special offers created by the travel agencies and there may be cheaper alternatives than places like the Seychelles and Maldives, but if you really have your heart set on a once in a lifetime, luxury experience (and let’s face it we all deserve a holiday like this at least once in our lives!) then the best way to go about it is with either a Maldives or Seychelles holidays Seychelles by dibaer (Creative Commons)

Seychelles by dibaer (Creative Commons)

Cruises, Holidays and the Absolute Beauty

In reality, holidays in this beautiful part of the world may be affordable even for those of you who are not extremely rich and even for those who do not make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Indeed, if you do manage to save some money for a special occasion, the Seychelles and the Maldives are closer and more affordable than you can imagine. And in exchange for your money you will get to see what Heaven most likely looks like. There is nothing on this land not to be perfect. Even the sand has the right percentage of coarseness and even the skies are in the perfect shade of blue. Nature has made its point here and it has shown us that she can create marvellous things. At the same time, humans have managed to tame the place enough to make it 100% comfortable from all points of view.

Maldives Huvafenfushi (Creative Commons)

Maldives Huvafenfushi (Creative Commons)

Choose a cruise holiday in the Indian Ocean (or any other type of holiday for that matter) and you will keep this in your mind forever because it is just not forgettable. From empty and intimate beaches to food that is dignified of any Michelin stars, you will get the whole package and there will be absolutely no flaw at all to your service. If you are looking into spending your honeymoon here or a special anniversary then think no more because this is probably how the Garden of Eden looked for Adam and Eve as well.

What Can You Do There?

If you are among those tourists that are generally speaking more active than the others, then you will definitely want to know what you can do in these luxurious destinations once you get there. Other than admiring the gorgeous scenery and other than allowing the sun to massage your skin on the most perfect of the perfect beaches in the world, there will be many other things to do as well. From visiting interesting museums and places to doing some scuba diving, there will be something for anyone, regardless of age or preferences when it comes to what they are interested in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, You are invited to the Best Cabaret Show in the World!

There is something close to madness when it comes to the French and their culture – and most definitely not in the bad sense of the word. The truth is that the French people have a culture that is so rich and so fabulous that it was impossible for anyone out there not to notice it. In between the tall Catholic churches and the expansive, explosive and still classy personalities that have dominated the country, France is beautiful with and without its jewellery as well. From Paris to the Southern France and to the most remote of the towns, there will always be something to discover and re-discover over and over and over again.

Moulin Roughe Paris (Creative Commons)

Moulin Roughe Paris (Creative Commons)

Going Beyond Paris

Most of the people who visit France stop to Paris and that will be everything they see. Of course, this city is a huge landmark of the entire European culture and there is no reason in the world you should ever miss out on it. But if you go in its near proximity and if you go past Louvre and past the Tour Eiffel, you will discover a whole new Paris: a Paris of decadent beauty, of the red colour and of the sweet perfume fragrances. If you decide to buy Moulin Rouge Paris tickets, then do expect this to be one of the most exquisite experiences of your entire life. Do expect to be overwhelmed by seduction in its classiest form and do expect to step into an age where femininity, sensuality and art come together as natural as the sea and the sky.

Moulin Rouge Paris 2 (Creative Commons)

Moulin Rouge Paris (Creative Commons)

Moulin Rouge – A Fall Into the Abyss, a Rise towards the Skies

Moulin Rouge is the absolute epitome of its own era and it is one of the most beautiful, voluptuous and overwhelming places you will ever visit. Yes, French people do know how to make a big deal out of everything they do and the grandeur behind this cabaret show will definitely take you over as well.

Founded at the end of the 19th century, Moulin Rouge has seen the highest point of the Belle Époque, the decline of it, two world wars, the ideological between the Communists and the Nazis and then between the Americans and the Russians, the decline of the USSR and the world dominated by America as well. Yes, Moulin Rouge is more than entertainment and it should be considered a beautiful jewel of history itself. Moulin Rouge and its wonderfully lustful and yet delicate nature are the of the kind you bear with you in your memory for decades after you have visited it. Even more, they are of the kind that will always make you want to come back.



In Bath, UK, be a Roman

Palladian Bridge at Prior Park, Bath, Somerset, U.K by Stephen Barber (Creative Commons)

Palladian Bridge at Prior Park, Bath, Somerset, U.K by Stephen Barber (Creative Commons)

The city of Bath, found in the Somerset, UK, has a long and colorful history that makes it a very attractive location for many people to visit. Mentioned throughout history in several famous works of literature including Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Bath bears the name because of the Roman influence. Around AD 60, Roman troops built baths in the area because of the natural hot springs. Today, the city sees more than 3.8 million visitors each year, with millions of pounds in tourism as a result. So what exactly is there to do in Bath? See for yourself.

1. Visit the Roman baths

The baths that gave the city its name are still present, and still open to the public. Spend the day relaxing in the warm water and let the minerals work their magic on your skin. The hot springs have a sort of healing effect, cleansing the skin and making it shine. Prices vary based on age and the length of stay, but it’s a pretty affordable attraction. In addition to relaxing in the pools, an audio tour is available that informs visitors of all the history associated with the architecture.

2. Take a walking tour of the city

The city itself is one of the best examples of well-preserved architecture, but the countryside surrounding the city is also beautiful. If you’re going to pay a visit to the area, make sure to take a private, guided tour and learn all about the history of the city and the famous residents that have lived there.

3. Enjoy the wealth of accommodations

There are several boutique hotels in central Bath that are well worth considering when you stay in the area. These hotels are high-class, allowing a visitor to rest in style after a long day of exploring the city. Because of their central location, the hotels are close to many of the most exciting attractions the city has to offer, making it easier than ever before to hop in and out of your hotel to something that catches your eye.

4. Drink a bit of tea and enjoy a Jane Austen novel

Why Jane Austen? Because she is quite possibly the city’s most famous resident. The well-known author penned many of her stories while living in the area, and there are several tours dedicated to following in the footsteps of the classical mistress of romance. Visitors are even able to stay in the same house that Austen once lived in, as well as take a trip to Meryton, the location where Pride & Prejudice was filmed.

Royal Crescent (Bath, England) viewed from a hot air balloon by Arpingstone (Creative Commons)

Royal Crescent (Bath, England) viewed from a hot air balloon by Arpingstone (Creative Commons)

5. Go on an adventure

Something that is commonly overlooked is the amount of sheer outdoors the UK has. Many of the areas around Bath consist of rough terrain, and a lot of people enjoy testing their mettle attempting to climb the highest hillsides they can. If that doesn’t suit their need, the WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre allows tourists to jump in a paddle boat and explore the beautiful wetlands in a way that is both exhilarating and eco-friendly.

6. Come during festival season

Bath is home to many festivals that attract visitors from all over the UK. With events like the Literature Festival, a must-see for anyone who enjoys a good read, to the Bath Christmas Market, there’s sure to be something for everyone, no matter where their interests lie.

Bath offers more attractions than can be counted, and is a popular tourism site for people from all over the world. If you ever get the chance, take a trip to the city – you’ll find yourself enraptured by the history and flavor of this tiny little section of the UK.